Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Post for Tuesday!

I did pretty good yesterday. I ate a lot of healthly things and didn't over eat. I even made a good choice to "not have" a bedtime snack. Which the snack was going to be kudos to me for saying no!!! I didn't get to exercise at all yesterday but I got a lot of things done. I cooked dinner, did a load of dishes, laundry, folded/hung-up 2-3 baskets of laundry (something that's needed to be done for a month now...yes I'm that far behind), made a batch of homemade laundry soap w/Johnathans help (which is very easy to make & very cheap to make), read to the girls & got them in bed. All in all I think I did more last night then I've done in a month. It felt very rewarding! I'll be glad to get the house back in order.

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